Physicians widely use the caudal steroid injection to treat any of the following:

  • Severe lower back pain that may radiate down the leg/s
  • Coccydynia, pain in the tail bone caused by trauma, and
  • Leg pain after previous back surgery

During this session, the patient lies down with the face down. The back is supported by placing a cushion beneath the stomach to reduce the pain during the session and to arch the back. A fluoroscope is used by the physician in this process to find the opening in the sacrum.

Once the opening is found, a needle is injected in the area and contrast solution is supplied to clearly see the affected area. A catheter may be used to reach the site of problem. The epidural space is then injected with the anti-flammatory medicine to treat the pain.

A caudal steroid injection is likely to provide significant improvement after the first session, but may need be repeated up to three times for longer pain relief.


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