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Lumbar radiofrequency disables the nerve that sends the message to the brain about the occurring pain in the facet joint located in the lower spine area. With no signals sent to the brain, the patient is able to enjoy relief from the pain for long term, usually 6-12 months as the nerves grow back.

A fluoroscope will be used to reach the nerve with the help of a cannula. After confirming the target nerve is the medial nerve that is to be disabled using an electrode, numbing medication will be delivered after which the radiofrequency neurotomy starts. Heat is used to deactivate the nerve.

The heat is provided via radiofrequency through the electrode to the nerve.

Back pain might be felt for several days after the procedure, which will be treated using either ice or heat packs, as prescribed by the physician. Condition will be monitored several minutes after the session by the clinicians.

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