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The sympathetic nerves are a group of nerves that are located right in front of the spinal column. They help the body in a lot of different tasks. Common tasks include the control of temperature, sweating, blood pressure, heartbeat, etc.

At times it happens that the nerves keep transmitting information to the brain about the pain even after the injury is healed. For this, physicians recommend a sympathetic nerve block. Numbing medication is injected in the sympathetic nerve area therefore disabling the nerve to send messages to the brain.

If the procedure is effective, you will be able to see the difference starting immediately. If successful, your doctor might recommend you commit to a series of nerve block session every 1 – 2 weeks to bring the pain down in a ‘step-down’ fashion. Primarily, this treatment is recommended to patients with pain in their legs rooting from the sympathetic nervous system.

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